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Fast, accurate and powerful, 'Convert XLS' is the comprehensive Excel/CSV/TXT conversion tool
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12 October 2015

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Convert XLS is a standalone utility to convert Excel files to and from Text/CSV/HTML/XML without Microsoft Excel. Using advanced features, you can perform moving, deleting, adding and copying sheets, append, concatenate Excel files into a single sheet etc. It also supports batch processing operations. This is a feature rich program.

Features: Using convert XLS utility, you can automatically perform the operations. The application user interface is not user friendly, though you can perform all the operation from a single screen.

Application supports two types of actions such as convert files and processing of files. With convert option you can convert file from one format to other format. Select original file format from the available drop down list. Select original file which you would like to convert. Select file format in which you want to convert file from the supported drop down list such as CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, XLSX format etc. Define the output folder where to save the converted file. Once settings are click on convert button to start conversion process. After conversion the file is saved at defined location. Application also supports specialized process, using this you can perform various operations on your excel file. Using this feature you can copy specified data from sheet to the same or different XLS file, copy sheet to new file, change cell value or Formula, rename sheet, move sheet, transpose, convert rows to columns and columns to rows etc.

Overall: This is a very useful utility to convert files into a variety of different file types such as MS Excel, text, HTML/XML and CSV file.

Publisher's description

Fast, accurate & powerful, 'Convert XLS' is the comprehensive Excel/CSV/TXT conversion tool. Convert to/from Excel, CSV, TXT etc. Batch able. Automate all your Excel processes easily. Repeat complex conversion tasks by restoring prior 'Conversion Jobs'. A 'Conversion Job' consists of all 'Conversion Tasks' that you specify to be done within the 'Convert XLS' user interface. It's the best Excel conversion tool you've never tried, until today. Convert Excel files to and from XLS/XLSX/Text/CSV/HTML/XML without requiring MS Excel to be installed. If you do have MS Excel, 'Convert XLS' will support all file types in addition to TXT, XML, CSV etc. (see table below for a listing). Advanced Excel Manipulation Special processes including moving, deleting, adding and copying sheets. Append/Concatenate Excel files into a single sheet. Special processing of files including appending/concatenation, removing extra lines, launching 3rd party programs, search and replace strings and much more. Numerous CSV (comma delimited file) manipulation features including padding, swapping out the delimiter and more. Convert Fixed Width Text Files to/from Excel or CSV files. Supports recursive subfolders. Convert Excel to/from to many file types including CSV, XML, HTM, TXT, SLK, WKS, DBF, Lotus and others. See below for listing. Copy Sheet Data/Formula from the same or different workbook. Specify ranges! Can be used to merge data from many sheets/workbooks. Copy Worksheet(s) whole (including formatting) to the same or different workbook, and specify location within the workbook. Merge Excel File Data. Combine Excel worksheet data by specifying the sheet(s) (and/or Range within each sheet) from a whole folder of workbooks to a single sheet. Batch printing of Excel (or any file MS Excel can open). Run Excel Macros from command line or user interface. Convert Word Tables To Excel. Change cell numeric formatting of sheets/cells you specify.
Convert XLS
Convert XLS
Version 8.0
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